Fallen Angel

We know Zoe Bell from the highly underrated 2007 movie “Grindhouse”, where she played… guess what? A totally badass stuntwoman.

Well, this hot Kiwi’s got a film of her own. “Angel of Death”.

Zoe Bells get yo numba

Zoe Bell's get yo numba

It’s direct to DVD of course. But like “Grindhouse” it’s full of campy fun. It comes complete with gratuitous amounts of blood and plenty of ass being kicked by Ms. Bell (Who was Uma Thurman’s stunt double in the “Kill Bill” movies) A few heads even come off and a Volvo is totally ruined.

This is a movie that’s not trying to be something it’s not… a good movie. But in doing that, it keeps a lot of the Grindhouse style flare that brought me to the theure at midnight to see her before.

With an hour and fifteen minute running time, it gets done what it needs to get done very quickly. And surprisingly dosen’t have ANY action movie cliches in it. I tip my hat to director Paul Etheredge for that.

We also get a pretty good performance from Doug Jones, the guy who plays all the strange creatures in Pans Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, and Hellboy.

When the movie is all said and done(and it is quickly) it leaves you quite satisfied… like pie. You’ve just seen something that the world needs. More strong women in actual roles whose names aren’t Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor.


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