Hidden Gems: "Frozen River"

2008 was a great year for film. From gems like “Indiana Jones” and “Wall-E” to overrated studio juggernauts such as “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight”.

But like any other year… there’s a few that slip through the cracks. Whether it’s just on the heels of some studio film… or it’s just not picked up and distributed as it should.

“Frozen River” is a victim of the latter. Unless you were in a major city, you most likely didn’t get the chance to see this film that got nominated for 2 Oscars. 1 for “Best Original Screenplay” and the other for “Best Actress” Mellisa Leo.

The movie focuses on the struggles of a women named Ray Eddie (Played by Leo) whose down payment for a house is stolen by her gambling addict ex-husband. Struggling to make ends meet, she turns to smuggling people across the US/Canada border in her Dodge Shadow (I know those fucking cars were good for something.)

Along the way, Eddie questions her morals and even her very humanity as she craves the money more and more. Which leads to a very interesting conclusion.

The movie focuses on the simple concept that a good mother will do anything for her children. And this is going to the most super of extremes. Well shot on a modest budget up in New York, it really creates a world of little hope. The strong performance from Mellisa Leo will is hopefully the beginning of really great things for her. Get this shit in your Netfilx cue.


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  1. I remember seeing a trailer, or something to that nature, on this movie but living in the boonies, didn’t get to see it. I’ll put it down on my list of movies to watch. Thanks!

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