Hidden Gems: If you don't like Heavy Metal you are a communist.

That’s my whole first paragraph taken care of right there. 2000’s installment of the beautiful magazine/comic book/boob rag features everything you love.

Sexual humor, excessive violence, outer space, boobs.

But underneath all the boobs, there’s quite a bit going on story wise.

A planet is wiped out and it’s up to it’s last survivor to take revenge on a possessed man.

Most of it is beautifully hand drawn in the big boobed Heavy Metal fashion with some surprisingly good physics. It dosen’t get boring for a second, except for a moment during the final battle which I won’t spoil for you. But lets just say it’s too long.

You really feel sorry for the movie’s villain halfway through, he keep trying to get layed but is constantly interrupted. Whether it’s general cockblocking, being shot, or being stabbed.

Adult Animation is really the wave of the future, the kids have grown up… but not quite. Movies like this remind us of the beauty of cartoons, while praying on our more primal desires. There’s another Heavy Metal movie set for release next year, we can only hope it’s just as sweet.


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