Fuck, I Lost

I thought Andy Griffith was dead… but it turns out Matlock is alive and well and he’s here in the new comedy “Play the Game” alongside Paul Campbell.

The story is relatively simple. ells the story of a young ladies man, David, who teaches his lonely, widowed grandfather how to play the dating game, while playing his best games to win over Julie, the girl of his dreams. But as David’s “foolproof” techniques prove to be anything but in his pursuit of Julie, the same techniques quickly transform Grandpa into the player of the retirement community. Slowly, the teacher becomes the student, and Grandpa must teach David how to win back the love of his life.

Old people jokes are abound in here, and acting vets Doris Roberts and Marla Sokoloff come of well as horny retirement home ladies.

Yes this movie won some award and the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival. Big surprise, it’s a movie about old people and no one under the age of 50 lives in that town.

Strong performances all around. Andy Griffith has aged well. But this movie just can’t escape being just another formulaic romantic comedy despite the cast. But many laughs are provided that truly make this film stand out. Here’s hoping for a wide release


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