Office Space 2.0

Mike Judge is the master of making our everyday lives seem hilarious. With movies like Office Space and the highly underrated Idiocracy, he has never given us a boring piece of shit.

That streak continues with “Extract”. Which stars Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, and one Ben Affleck.

It’s basically “Office Space” again from a bosses’ perspective. Shitty employees and long work hours. Only to come home to a wife who won’t touch you and an annoying ass neighbor who just won’t shut the fuck up. See, just like real life again.

As usual, not to give away much. But someone gets hit in the nuts hard and is now suing the factory for all it’s worth. But again, it’s just a normal day at work with all the things you wouldn’t normally find funny.

Ben Afflack really steals every one of the scenes he’s in playing Bateman’s stoner friend, who takes him to smoke the biggest bong I have ever seen.

It’s Mike Judge in top form, with a cast that seems to work extremely well together. Do Mike Judge a favor since Fox was dumb and canceled King Of the Hill. See this shit.


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