Remember to Double Tap

It’s October. Tis the season for monster movies. Whether it be Godzilla, Freddy, Jason… or my personal favorite. The Zombie.

Zombieland dosen’t hold back on the gore, even in the first 30 seconds. But as you watch poor fuckers then ripped up, thrown, and other ways gobbled… you can’t help but have a gigantic, goofy smile on your face. All the sweet ways to kill a zombie… man… pickaxe, baseball bat, shotgun, handgun… car.

The story focuses on a young man man who is known to others only as “Columbus” (Played by Jesse Eisenberg). He has a list that has kept him alive, and serves as the source of a lot of perfectly timed, comedic pop ups. He meets up with badass Zombie Hunter “Tallahassee” (played by Woody Harrelson) and they team up to go out east… as Tallahassee searches for the last box of Twinkies. Yes, Twinkies. During their travels, they meet up with 2 sisters, (Emma Stone and Abagail Breslin) and they begin a very fucked up relationship with one another… only to realize this is the closest the family they’re gonna have for a long ass time.

One thing this movie does that most other zombie flicks don’t. It keeps it real. As odd as that might sound. This move was actually very believable. Just follow a few simple rules, and you too can survive the apocalypse. But where all that ammo was coming from, I don’t even know.

It’s been a while since there was a movie that kept the laughs coming one after the other. Esspically a horror flick. Big props to first time director Ruben Fleischer who successfully molded so many genres into one totally insane piece of work. And huge props on one of the BEST cameos I have seen in a long time.

This is definitely a movie to go see with friends in a crowded theater. Harrelson is giving his very best. And everyone seems to be having a great time being in this film.  Surely a good film to see before your annual trip to “Nightmare Before Christmas 3D”.


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