The Effect Drugs and Alcohol have on your writing

Alcohol= Fuck, a lot of it was misspelled. I can’t even really read it. I don’t really approve of alcohol much anyway. I don’t like drinking around certain folks anyway… so it all works out. But alcohol basically prevents ANYTHING from getting done. You become to dizzy you just kinda slump over in a chair somewhere. If you do manage to sit in front of a computer, you won’t be able to read shit in the morning. So yeah, if you wanna write… stay away from it.

Yes-I-Cannibus= This I can actually approve of. If used responsibly of course, can be a great aide yo many of your creative activities. It’s makes you focused like no other. Everything is sharper outside, the trees, the grass, the sun. It’s like looking at the world in fucking HD. You can see the music in the right light. Kors K is quite a trip. Just write down your observations alone and you got gold. I know I did… train ride FTW. But I know there are player haters out there who think it’s just for stoners and it kills brain cells and blah blah blah. They really need it the most I think. Being sober is great and all. But the moment you’re not you realize how fucking kickass it is to have a heightened state of consciousness.

Cocaine= This was from some of my old writings back when I was in San Antonio. Apparently I wrote it all in Portuguese ( I don’t know Portuguese)… and I wanted everyone to call me Fred… Yeah, that shit’s really not for me.

Enquanto eu funcionei entre as flores, eu vi um arco-íris grande. Eu olhei minhas mãos. Disseram-me para montar o arco-íris. Eu saltei no ar… Eu comecei voar. Eu estava a uma elevação consideravelmente do caralho acima. Eu vi Mike, ele pilotava um navio de Ikaruga. Acenou-me e perguntou-o se eu quis começ algum Castelo Branco.

As I ran among the flowers, I saw a big rainbow. I looked at my hands. They told me to ride the rainbow. I jumped in the air… I started to fly. I was pretty fucking high up. I saw Mike, he was piloting a ship from Ikaruga. He waved to me and asked if I wanted to get some white castle.

Yeah, that shit’s fucked up. Don’t do it. But I won’t lie, it the time it felt good.

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