Princess Tiana… I'm at a Loss For Words

Last night, I was reminded why I’ve loved Disney even before I could talk. Their ability to not only deliver a classic story, but to do it with such grace, respect, and soul.

This hasn’t been happening much around the Walt Disney Company lately.

The studio released “Bolt” last year. First Disney movie overseen by John Lasseter of the Pixar camp. That movie was for of style and substance. But really lacked a soul. Something that’s existed in these movies since the 1930’s. The Snow White‘s and the Lion King‘s.

Disney announced early last year that they’d be returning to their roots after a number of unsuccessful 3D movies. This was the one they were talking about. And the kicker… the first black Disney Princess. No Jasmine (Aladdin) is NOT black. We’ve been over this.

NOW, on to the film. I don’t wanna spoil much.

The movie takes place in 1950’s  New Orleans. And we have a poor, realist black girl who’s just trying to fulfill her daddy’s dream of opening a restaurant. But of course, the universe is against her as she struggles to come up with the money. Along the way, she runs into a prince, transformed into a frog by the evil Shadow Man (best Disney villian I’ve see in a LONG time). But in kissing the frog only turns her into one as well. They escape certain death into the bayu. Then all chaos cuts loose after that.

This being a classic musical. There’s singing. A lot of it. All of it Jazz and R&B… and it’s all good… REALLY good. I’m not usually into R&B, but this was so tasteful and thoughtful. I couldn’t help but nod a bit.

The only problem I saw was it ending kinda abruptly. But other then that. Flawless. My favorite animated film of the year. Sorry Up.

This is exactly what Disney should ALWAYS be doing. There’s no longer any sort of excuse. Let Pixar handle the 3D shit. This is what the company was meant to do. And it shows. And as for the first black princess, bravo. They didn’t go overboard with the “black thing”. She was just a normal girl, who was black. I think that’s all we wanted. I’ll say it once more. Best animated film of the year.


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