I Will Say It Again. We Will Be Having Sex When We're Older.

I received my Christmas present, a Steve Martin movie without pratfalls. It’s Complicated comes from the mind one of my most respected screenwriters Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give) Give her the opportunity to go nuts with some uncensored dialogue and you get this movie.

It follows ex-couple Streep and Baldwin continuing their sexual relationship after many years of being divorced and shit. Streep has become the “other woman”. But at the same time is dating her architect played by Steve Martin, who I’m kinda sad didn’t get a bigger part.

Streep is looking pretty good for sixty. You can’t deny that. And she and Baldwin have such great chemistry that I found myself rooting for them about halfway through.

There’s no doubt (lol Streep movie pun) in my mind that the actors had a blast making this movie. If you’re coming into this with a closed assed mind, or you’re from someplace in the country where it’s all backwards and shit. Then this movie isn’t for you. For anyone who loves great acting and some truly hilarious cracks on human relationships… don’t waste any more time and buy yourself a ticket.

I haven’t enjoyed myself in a movie like this is while.  It was great to cure my holiday blues. It also proves that age is just a number. It’s the slut on the inside that counts… wait… whatever. That sounded right.


The pot smoking scenes are worth the price of admission alone.


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