Day: January 1, 2010

What's that giant ass flying thing with the claws coming towards me…? OH SHIT

There are a LOT of monster movies out there. Cities are destroyed, Tokyo, New York, Miami, Rio. But look out Beaver Hills, Alaska! Here comes a Wyvern!

It got awakened by the melting of the ice caps (oh noes! Global warming!) And is ripping the town… and the townspeople to shreds. Who can stop the chaos? How bout a truck driver with a fucked up leg named Jake Suttner? He teams up with Claire (pictured) to fight this menace along with a generic ragtag group of townsfolk.

The move consists of them being trapped in places. Cars, restaurants, the usual fare. And it ends with one of the most hilarious monster kills in recent memory.

This piece of cinematic glory can be caught on the Sy-Fy every now and then. I suggest you do if you can’t sleep.