Oh My God! An Nick Cage Movie that DOESN'T suck?

“Not the bees! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Sadly, that’s what most of us remember whenever we see the name Nicolas Cage. But I was reminded he’s not just a clown, he’s an actor who’s pretty good at playing clowns.

Bad Lieutenent: Port of Call New Orleans” takes place in, well… New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. We get to follow Cage as a loose cannon cop who dosen’t play by the rules. But it dosen’t just end there. He has a hooker girlfriend… and likes crack. A lot. He injures his back saving a drowning prisoner and he’s been pissed off ever sense.

He gets put on a homicide investigation in which a whole family is killed. Obsessed, he does everything inside and outside the law to get people in a questioned… sometimes with less the favorable results. He drowns his sorrows in his hooker girlfriend (Mendes) and his addiction to crack.

When has gambling debts become too much for him to handle, his life goes into even more of a tailspin. He must choose whether to do good, or do a little bad to be good.

The movie came to a pretty relaxed conclusion. Shows that sometimes you have to be little bad for the big picture to come out exactly the way you want it. With a surprising brillient proformance by Cage, it gives me a little (and I mean little) bit of hope for his future.


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