Film Riddled Podcast?

Yeah. It sounds like it’s fucking underwater. Working out the kinks, but enjoy.

Start listening before you read this shit below.

It started out as a logical conversation with a little passive-aggressiveness.

See you next Tuesday(Big ups if you get this):

Hey guys,
It’s so funny how this topic has come up in several arena’s lately–my online dealings and personal conversations offline.
It really IS important–this article is more about negative self talk, but language is powerful with the other kinds of words you choose to use too.
You may not think nothing of using a simple cuss word–but unless it truly fits the context of your message, it’s best to leave it out of your written and spoken words.
Hope you enjoy!

I responded with a view of my own.


I’m a grammar nazi when I talk to people. I just wish I could get a big red pen and write corrections on their mouths.

And the way I see it. You need to cuss sometimes… or as spongebob put it, “sentence enhancers”. used for emphasis. You can’t overdo it though. Like instead of “Man, I got a big plate of nachos” you say, Shit, that’s a fucking huge plate of nachos.” Giving the listening a good picture of just how epic those nachos are/were.

It could have ended right there. But it didn’t.

Buttie Mcgee:

Of course, you could always say “Woah, that’s an epic helping of nachos.”

You don’t have to curse to get your point across, and that’s one of the points we’re trying to get across. Sometimes…well, most of the time…cursing comes off as unprofessional. Therefore, the writer isn’t taken seriously because they don’t seem to care about their professional appearance.

Of course it needs to be co-signed.

See You Next Tuesday:

Buttie McGee–Exactly. I see you posted while I was thinking. LOL.

But here’s my thoughts on the situation.

Wolfen—I’m going to slightly agree with you, but mostly disagree.
There are times a cuss word is appropriate. However; in your example it’s simply overkill.
The majority of people do not cuss for emphasis – only writers use it for that purpose in portraying a character.
Here’s what I’ve learned from experience in my 42 years on this planet:
1. People use cuss words because they have a limited vocabulary–it’s the only words they know to grab your attention.
2. People cuss for attention. They “believe” they will be “heard” better by using certain words, when in fact, other people are simply thinking how limited this persons vocabulary is.
3. People who use more than their share of cuss words have a limited mentality.
4. Having a limited mentality and vocabulary, they refuse to better themselves or their language. They have an attitude that everyone else can get over it, they’ll speak like they want–that screw ’em attitude–(aka–the F word).
Funny how you never see these kinds of people at the top. They remain on the bottom rung of the ladder of success.
So a few rappers have made it big and spout cuss words all over creation. The only people who admire or look up to these guys are young people with no direction and no purpose in life. The Zig Ziglar’s and Oprah Winfrey’s of this world are NOT impressed. I use these two as examples because they are self-made millionaires and they did not cuss their way to the top.
Think of all the great speeches you’ve heard that truly moved you–none of them are riddled with cuss words.
Bottom line: If you want to be taken seriously and become successful–watch how you speak (or write) and the language you use.
If you don’t care–cuss all you want and stay right where you’re at; no one is taking you seriously.
In this forum, it’s appreciated if everyone (present and future members) would have respect for the rest of the group and watch the choice of words they use.
Filters are in place for a reason, but even with the use of filters the chosen word is obvious and it simply looks unprofessional.
As forum owner, I want everyone to feel comfortable, grow professionally and as individuals. My guidelines are in place and shared because I’ve gained some wisdom through the years–and I’m one of the smartest people I know. LOL!
I want this forum to be as professional and friendly as possible, and most people are simply offended by even slight uses of cuss words. So lets keep it to a bare minimum please.

That’s where it got full of shit as you can see.

I struck back.


Okie den… real talk.
In my
22 years on this wonderful blue marble.
1. People use cuss words because they have a limited vocabulary–it’s the only words they know to grab your attention.

2. People cuss for attention. And yeah, it’s very true. You sometimes HAVE to get a person’s attention that way. Human’s are too dumb to listen through peaceful means sometimes.

3. Limited mentally, I really don’t think I’ll even comment on that, sorry.

4. Having such an attitude can come from someone who does and even does not have a good vocabulary. Some people just don’t wanna better themselves. Again, sad facts on humanity.

As for rappers. Yeah, it’s hard to find a decent one these days. I loves me some Jay Z and some Ludacris every now and again though. Oooooo weeeee. But even the worst can still spin a yarn. Though I’m not a fan, I can respect what they do.


The only people who admire or look up to these guys are young people with no direction and no purpose in life.

uhhhhhhhhh….. No. You are just plain wrong. I look up to them… will some. Because they’re good at what they do. If you’re just paying attention to the cussing. It’s quite clear you’re not listening to the music/reading the book/watching the movie.

Are we in the business of writing? Or the business of political correctness? Last I checked, the two don’t walk hand and hand to go get ice cream(speaking of which, I gots some chocolate chip I need to finish off.) Welcome to the world folks. Should we gave everyone in the world water wings in case it rains too much?

There are plenty of people that are successful who were on the vulgar side. Money does not equal success. Look at the likes of your Tarentino, Bette Page, George Carlin, Lily Tomlin, Guy Ritchie, Seth McPharline, Sam Ramei, even Hitchcock and Poe. Each was never really someone you would want to speak to your grandmother about her medication. But you can’t deny that they were masters of their craft.

If you want to be successful. Be good. Get Better. No matter what it is.

So say whatever it is you have to say be honest. You’ll feel a little bit better about yourself that way. Just don’t put it on any legal documents and things will work out for you.

And did the whole thing without cursing. :P

So yeah… I think things were made quite clear to me. Kinda brought an awakening to me though. Glad it happened.

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