Production is in full swing.

You may have remembered me saying something about “The Creative Process”. A film I’ve been working and reworking for a while now. Well guess what? It’s in production and coming along quickly.

Why am I doing it? I’ve only written in the past. I think I’m pretty comfortable with my story telling skills at this point. And what do I have to lose as long as the audience has a good time. Mind, body, spirit (or what’s left of it) are all going into this. We’ll see what comes out. Nothing is going to be orthodox, but I think it can play out well this way and keep everyone else relaxed even though I will not. I expect to start shooting on May the 1st.

It’s the movie about making a movie with little to no budget, so there’s a lot of truth to this. I wish I had a picture of an orphan from Nicaragua or something to put up…Well there’s the button. You can donate here. There will be special gifts for those who donate(producer credit, etc). Details on that soon. Every buck counts. It’s shameless. But I’m American, we’re shameless folk.

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