I think a trip to New York is in order

Every moon we get a movie that has everyone but yo momma in it (I left the picture nice and big so you can read all this fucking talent. It’s crazy.) But seldom does it work. Many stars, without enough good lines to go around. The solution to this paradox is simple. Don’t make most of these people interact with each other at all.

This is what New York, I Love You does. The second film in the Cities of Love series. It focuses around many types of love. From losing your virginity to embracing love in old age. All the bases are covered in this collection of short films. Brett Ratner’s sequence with the trees will stick with you for a while I’m sure. Yes, Ratner can actually do something good.

Where the movie DOES fall short is the fact it took so damn long to connect all the stories within the movie, but then again, maybe it’s better that way.

When the credits began to roll, I was left with that satisfying warm feeling, the kind you get when you’ve watched something really special. Unlike Paris Je’Taime, I could really relate to most of these characters. Bravo to the directors for creating such realistic pieces.  It really makes you look at your own relationships as well.

A must watch if you have a girlfriend… or just like film a lot.


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