Day: January 23, 2010

God dosen't just smite your ass. He's got a choreographed fight sequence

God is a powerful being.  He created the whole damn earth, the universe even! But he can’t take out one pregnant chick apparently.

Legion follows the journey of a Michael, a fallen angel who refused to kill a pregnant woman and her baby… the baby who vaguely must save mankind… this was never explained.

Since the movie is about the end of the world… here comes Dennis Quaid. Along with Tyrese playing the most stereotypical young black guy ever. I’m talking rap music,  Escalade, blunt, gun pointed sideways.

The movie consists of the survivors being holed up in diner in the middle of nowhere… with unlimited ammo and a lot of random planks of wood. Yeah, that’s about it. There’s a great fight between Michael and Gabriel. But that fight was short lived. And razor tipped wings are the cheapest weapon ever.

I came out of this movie pretty unsatisfied… who am I kidding? I went out empty. I was at LEAST waiting for a big, climatic ending… but no. Instead we have shit set up perfectly for a sequel. Which I can promise you will come. Great idea, worst execution I have ever seen. I demand a do-over