Ninjas Can’t Catch You If You’re Freerunning

B13_UltimatumA few weeks ago, I saw the District 13 movies back to back. I really think they’re best watched that way.

District 13, not to be confused with last year’s District 9, takes place in the “near future” in which the slums of Paris are run by gangs with riced out FWD cars and unlimited ammo. We find Leïto a street wise badass who apparently can’t get shot as long as he’s freerunning. He tries to get the drugs off the streets by stealing for the dealers. Eventually he bites off a little more then he can crew when his sister is kidnapped.

What then ensues is one of the most retarded bomb plots I’ve ever seen in a movie. It’s got a big ol’ digital timer on it. And when it hits zero in 20 hours, if blows up… like… a lot of shit.

So it’s up to Leïto and his newfound partner Damien, a cop from the other side of the tracks… who also freeruns to defuse the bomb before it’s too late.

And it’s sequel. District 13: Ultimatum

Three years after the events of the first, the authorities are attempting to return law and shit to ravaged District 13. The death of gang overlord Taha  has caused the other gangs to go nutso. Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector before the secret service takes drastic measures to solve the problem.

More freerunning ensues. And there’s a crazy scene involving a car.

Nothing is funnier then watching people fail at freerunning… and I think the creators knew this when writing it. It’s just so crazy and so retarded at times, I had to rewind a couple of times. If you like freerunning and explosions. It’s got plenty of both.



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