Month: February 2010

I Never Want to be Wealthy, But I Sure as Hell Wanna be Rich

Those are truly words we should all live by.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
-1 Timothy 6:10

Almost 6:13, shoot. That would have made this post even better. I don’t quote the Bible much, but now seems like a good a time as any.

People ask me about how much money I want to make. Really that doesn’t matter to me. Long as I can live I’ll be just fine. One of my worst fears is actually becoming wealthy.
Having grown up with rich parents in a rich neighborhood, I’ve seen when money does to human beings. They cease to act like reasonable adults. All that matters is keeping the money and that status that comes with it… with you nose held high in the air. It’s really dumb how such a trivial thing like money can do that to even the most decent human being. I guess that’s what makes me so cool… I’m broke.

My parents are loaded. But look at what they’ve done. 3 kids have tried to kill themselves. 1 has disappeared since. 1 they tried to have locked up without cause (They only have 3 kids by the way… if that confused you at all.) Are they really happy? I really doubt it.

I’d much rather be rich instead. You can be a rich person in a lot of ways. Rich in talent, friends, even love. These people are truly successful. They will live long and prosper.

The way I see it now, I’m sorta rich. I have some good friends. And one person who at least makes me feel loved every time we get a chance to talk. Life my be hard as hell, but something really great will come out of this, I’m sure

Disney felt my thoughts on this I guess.

And Percy cried out… WHY AM I IN SUCH A SUCK ASS MOVIE?

Greek mythology is badass. No question to that. A seemingly endless soap oprea of betral, sex, and war. Some of the grandist characters ever imagined walks these halls.

Too bad they were on a lunch break while the movie was being shot.

The Lightning Thief focuses on dumbass kid Percy Jackson who lives a typical shitty life in a shitty apartment with his mother and shitty stepfather. Learning disabilitys mean you’re a demigod too… really. So don’t feel bad that you can’t read good.

For some reason, Percy is wrongfully accused of stealing Zeus thunderbolt (they never gave a reason WHY he was being accused of such a crime in the first place) And is forced to go on the run with his mother to a hogwarts-like camp where demigods train. For what? They never said. They do play a lot of capture the flag though.

Percy’s mother was unable to enter the camp via a videogame style invisable forcefield and is captured by Hades. Now instead of going to Zeus and sorting all the shit out, he INSTEAD goes to hell to fight Hades and save his mother… and forgeting some 1st grade math in the process.

What then ensues is a random miss-mosh of cameos and a hilarious hotel scene with Medusa’s head. All coming to a very abrupt conclusion.

To be quite frank, there were a few scenes that worked in this movie. Too bad putting them all together wouldn’t fill up the alloted time for a Youtube video. I have never seen a movie fuck up Greek mytology SO much. It was already confusing enough. These people thought it would be the next Harry Potter. No, it’s not. Harry Potter can do simple math. If you love yourself, don’t waste your money.