No Budget Film making

This has been the talk of many of my colleagues (all three of them) about what makes a movie great. After many hours of discussion, we came to one thing. Writing. It’s the basic component to all forms of entertainment.
Everyone wants to direct the film. Everyone wants to act in the film. But no one wants to write. This is what’s wrong with the movies these days.
Hopefully I can change this. Maybe one day, people will realize, that a movie doesn’t have to look pretty and do a million things for it to be good. Hell, I even think a movie about two old ladies in a park talking about IRA’s and shit could be more interesting than some of the movies I’ve been to as of late.
So the challenge we thought of was this. Make a film. single camera. No budget. Make a feature length film.
So far it’s been smooth. I just hope strong writing can overcome the lack of… well… everything else. I decided to use a script I’ve been working on and off for about 3 years.

It’s called, “The Creative Process” and it’s gonna be fun working on it over the summer.
I’m out to prove that all it takes is a good story. And I don’t see my ass failing.

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