Movies and Film. What's the Difference?

This topic comes up a lot when I’m talking to non-filmwatching folk. I use the words Film and Movie interchangably in my speech. But there is a reason. There’s a solid diffrence between Films and Movies.

I look at it like this. Films are art. Movies are not.

It’s like when you would draw pictures for your mom in 1st grade art class. It was fun. You enjoyed it, and your mom loved the kind gesture and put it up on the fridge or something. This is the equivilent of a movie.

Film is like going to the art museum. Everything is ment to be carefully examined and admired. Everything is extrodenaraly special. No two are alike. And you can look back on it on talk about how awesome it was. This is Film. Film is art.

Can you have Movies and Art go hand and hand?

Yes, but they come only a few times a year.

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