Day: March 9, 2010

The best horror film in years. Yes.

Let me be honest with you folks, horror movies are a guilty pleasure. I LOVEEEE a good horror flick. But really, it’s the old school ones I love the most. George Ramero to be exact.

You may or may not have heard of his original movie, “The Crazies” set in a rural town where the townsfolk are going fucking nuts due to a accident with a government bio-weapon. And it’s up to the sheriff and his pregnant wife to escape the US troops sent to the town to kill everybody.

This remake takes everything great about that first movie… and makes it even better. Yes, that’s right, the remake is better then the original. It stars good ol‘ Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Justified) This dude seems to have a pattern…

It does everything a horror movie should do and does to right.

-Shit jumps out of the woods and goes “Boo”

-Awesome suspense and mystery.

-Hilariousness to break up those tense moments.

The ending is MUCH diffrent then the original… but I’m not gonna spoil that.

Like the title of the article suggests, this is BY FAR the best horror movie movie since I saw SAW many years ago.  This, like all other horror affairs must be watching in theaters full of people. Once during the screening, we had one guy yell “Oh SHIT!” out of the silence. Just a hilarious social moviegoing moment. We need more films like this.


Kevin Smith needs to go back to Indies…

I wanna start out by saying how much I love Kevin Smith and his work has had a GREAT influence on my writing. I’ve grown up watching his films and might not be writing today if I didn’t see them. He’s the master of random banter in random places…

And he deserves a lot better then this.

Cop Out is a cookie cutter, cut and paste buddy cop movie about Tracy Morgan cracking one liners at 70kph and Bruce Willis looking like George Clooney at the Oscars… he just doesn’t wanna be there.

The two like any other buddy cops,  get the job done bending the law. But of course, they’re suspanded right before Willis’ daughter’s wedding. So he tries to sell a baseball card to get the money. That’s right. A baseball card… but before he can sell it, it’s stolen by a really dumbass crook played by Sean William Scott that knows parkour. It’s random I know.

The rest of the movie is Willis and Morgan going from place to random place, bumbling through their police work.

Going back to Scott, he’s the only bright spot of this movie, he seemed totally into his role and was one of the few times I was actually laughing.

Kevin Smith needs to regain my faith and trust. Simple as that. I didn’t think he went for those genre films… but times are a changin’ I guess. Bring back Jay and Slient Bob please… and we’ll forget this ever happened.