The Cove

If you know me, you know I’m all for a good documentary that swings one way with some of the most ridiculous biased heart stopping facts thrown at you to shock you and make you believe everything you read. These are the same films you can walk away from and say, “Yeah, but what about the other side to it?” You leave the theater and brush every letter of text that was just on the screen right off of your shoulder, and go on with your day. And The Cove would be one of those movies…

…until you see the facts in real time.

I’m all for being an activist about anything. If you feel that strongly about an issue, you should definitely go for it. This movie has made me want to go for it.

Ric O’Barry is one of, if not the most famous Dolphin trainer in the world. Remember that good old show Flipper?

Everything you see Flipper doing? That’s thanks to Ric. You can also thank Ric for the hundreds, maybe even thousands of  Dolpinarium’s around the globe taking these animals against their will (and not even in peril like they want you to think) to put them out on show for our entertainment. And believe me;

He feels terrible.

Now Ric’s main point of focus is a bay located in a small village off of the coast of Japan. This is where the majority of the show dolphins you see come from. Fishermen hoard the dolphins in from sea by the hundreds and trainers from all over the globe come to handpick their dolphins. The ones that don’t get picked? They go to the cove, and they don’t come out of the cove. But lots of blood does.

Ric and his team do some great special ops work that put anything you’ve seen in in Modern Warfare 2 to shame, and they make a pretty moving documentary while they’re at it.

This was very deserving of the Academy Award and I don’t think I’ll be this moved by a doc. for a long time.


If you’d like to help in anyway, text ‘DOLPHIN’ to 44144 or visit

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