Korean Cinema at it’s Finest

I really can’t find anything sarcastic to say. Mother is one of those movies that just hits it marks and hits them with like an archer in the Olympics.

Director Boog Joon-ho (The Host) takes us to rural Korea where we meet Do-joon and his mother Hye-ja, a ginseng vendor and an unlicensed acupuncturist in a small town in southern South Korea. Do-joon is mentally disabled and frequently runs into trouble with the law with his dumbass friend. But when he witnesses a murder, he’s the only suspect.

Going against the whole fucking system his mother goes searching for clues to clear her sons name, only to find a little more about herself then she bargained for. She’ll do anything to prove her sons inocesse, literally anything.

Ho never loses the sense of sheer desperation on the part of the protagonist, and doesn’t give away a single thing… but in the last 20 minutes it all comes full circle.

It’s hard to write a review for this without spoiling it, so I’ll just end this by saying, this is going to end up on my best of 2010 list for sure.


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