Who wants their 3D? and who wants it NOW?

I don’t know what brought back 3D. The farthest back I can remember is My Bloody Valentine in 3D. Frankly it was terrible. Following My Bloody Valentine in 2009, 22 more films were released in 3D. Compare that to 13 in 2008 with only four of them being major motion pictures outside of museum screens. Compare that to 10 in 2007, with only two being major motion pictures, one of them being outside of IMAX.

However when people say why is 3D coming back, where’s it really coming back from? From 1990-2000 there were only 47 films made in 3D. Over 80% of those films were educational IMAX films or they were made for 3D ride simulators. From 2001-2010 There have (will be) 117 films made in 3D.

So really though, where’s the comeback?

According to the stats, the amount of 3D films from 1990-2000 to 2001-2010 has increased by 249%
I still don’t see what we’re coming back from. Unless we’re all referring to the fact that all those 3D shows at Disney and Universal really stopped entertaining us the same way they did when we were 10 years old.

In 2008/2009 when 3D started making it’s comeback in theaters, one could only assume it would make to to DVD. Trouble is, those DVD’s couldn’t hold that much. So you had 2D on one side and 3D on the other. No room for fancy special features or that pretty artwork we all love so much. How on earth would 3D ever take off with bullshit like that?!

So then God gave us this magical thing called Blu-Ray. It can hold a lot more than those floppy old DVD’s, and whatdya know?! We can put that pretty cover art on the front of the disc again, and still not use up the entire other side! And best of all? We can keep the 3D!

With all this extra room, the industry wants to start pushing the consumer towards Blu-Ray, and ultimately 3D. We all just got done buying our DVD players and fancy big boxy TV’s but now it suddenly isn’t good enough. We have to go trade in our new TV’s and DVD players for more electronics that will go out of date in a few years.

Why do you ask?

Because it’s gorgeous.

But is the 3D?

3D movies aren’t the 3D movies you remember from Universal and Disney. There’s no more arms reaching out at you, or shattered glass coming at your face. No, it’s just real life, and I don’t mean that in a “oh wow its so real” way. There’s perception Added depth to the screen. Get it?

So when you pay that extra $3 or $4 for your 3D glasses, you’re paying for a darker picture with depth. Kinda neat… no.

Does anyone remember how many “amazing” 3D experiences were in Avatar?

The point of this entry?
Just tell me, what’s so interesting about tunnel vision?

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