Accept the Whole Package

Any of us who write anything run into “that guy”. The guy that’s eager to read to shit, but is only looking to pick out flaws. They seem to run quite rampant these days.

As a guy who’s frequently bombarded with hate (haters gotta hate, ya know) I can say, if you’re ONLY gonna pick at these certain things, you certainly aren’t looking and the big picture. My language or my subject matter. People get murdered, people get raped. Nothing personal. But I keep it real when I write. If I wanna fluff up the universe, I’ll damn fucking will do that. I have and will in the past.  But it’s not fair to cast the spell of judgment on shit you don’t get. I discussed a situation like that not too long ago. And they can suck dick.

I got it a lot from my daycare murder scene in “Nightowl” and from the sheer language of “The Creative Process”. But I think it’s what gives them some of their zing.

Mind you, I don’t really curse too much IRL. And I only use the term “rape” in the fighting game circle. But people will just learn to adjust, build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

Like for instance, I curse like a motherfucker whenever I write ANYTHING. Whether it be or story, dissecting someone’s retarded forum post… it’s just how the fuck I roll bitches.

No political commentary is meant there… am I rite? Seriously, it was unintentional. haha

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