Day: April 2, 2010

Hydro Fucking Ponics

Edward Norton has a tendency to be in movies where he’s fighting himself (Hulk, Fight Club) battling his demons to overcome the evil inside. Well that’s not happening this time. This time, he’s also playing his twin brother in Leaves of Grass.

Written by Tim Blake Nelson (who ironically playing “The Leader” in the┬álatest┬áHulk film) writes and directs this indie tale of a college professor (Norton) who returns to his hometown in Oklahoma after learning of his twin brother’s alleged death. To his surprise, it was all a ploy to get him to come to visit, and get him out of paying for an expensive ass hydroponic weed lab. The plot gets kinda complex from here, but let’s just say it’s got Jews, hicks, and a crossbow.

Fuck yeah crossbows.

Susan Sarandon, who is sadly underused in this movie, plays Norton’s drugged out mother living in an old folks home… and really dosen’t progress any farther then that. This is really the movie’s only flaw. But it’s forgiveable.

Weeds of Grass most likely won’t get a wide release for obvious reasons. But it’s a great thriller… even if you’re not really into thrillers (like me). Sarandon, like I said, was underused here. But it’s quite okay, Norton’s dual performance is all you’ll really care about anyway.