Artistic Integrity, Where’s Yours Mr. Perry?

I’m really big on movies (no duh, I got this blog). But there’s something that really irks me. And I was discussing it what a friend of mine after he mentioned the new Tyler Perry movie.

This motherfucker is a horrible filmmaker.

Mr. Perry made a splash with his Medea plays right here in Chicago… yes, it’s more black people in fat suits pretending to be women because that’s apparently the only way our race can get a laugh out of anybody. And he continued to recycle the SAME OLD SHIT over and over and over again. As his checkbook grew, in true Tom Clancy style, his writing suffered as he spent more time being a fag with lame book tours and being on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He spends a lot of time talking about his roots and shit growing up in Chicago blah blah blah. However, he fails to mention how much he loved his work back then and how he strived hard to come up with something good. When he got that, it’s like he stopped trying and just rode on rehashing his already pedestrian affair many more times…

I may just be hating on a black man who’s made his money. But that’s just it. He’s made his money, but what’s next. There are two black directors with enough clout to get a big movie going, Spike Lee and Tyler Perry. Yes, there are plenty of other black directors out there, like John Singleton who I think is awesome. Also Mario Van Peebles who works on one of my favorite shows Damages. But they can’t really get the money or the studio backing the way those two can. And it pisses me off that they have this chance to do what many of us would kill for… and get lazy. Just because you’re a black director and black people will go see your shitty movie just because it was made by a black guy.  The African American film community is retarded but that’s another topic. That’s one of my biggest fears as a writer/director. Being labeled as an “African American director” next to clowns like him. That’s basically a professional death trap.

As intellectuals and professionals (Us writing and film folk) know it’s not always easy to come up with or no thing or put a creative spin on something pre-existing. But I think the millions of dollars you get paid SHOULD be a motivator. But maybe I’m just stupid.

It’s so sad, because I’m sure he’s actually a decent writer, he’s just sold out. That’s why I tend to shy away from big studio films these days. There’s nothing like watching the labor of someone’s love on screen. There’s an honesty to it that brings a smile to your face. Something I don’t see from any of Perry’s films. At least with Spike, I can always see a hardcore effort. Not always a good movie… but I can see him trying.

So yeah, Tyler Parry, you’ve so fucking sold out. I will never pay to see one of your movies and I will tell everyone I know to do the same. You’re just awful. Thanks.

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