Kick Ass

To be honest I wanted to make a mediocre pun out of the title but my mind went dry. Sorry about that.

If you look up Kick-Ass on IMDb and check the genre of this movie, you get a list of: Action, Comedy, Drama. Frankly, that’s exactly what this is. A super movie about super heroes.

Within the first five minutes of the movie, it is well established that this wasn’t going to be a typical sob story with a cliche plot to a driving victory leaving us with a happy conclusive ending.

David Lizweski is exactly what his last name suggests, a total loser… ski. Total lame-o at school, with lame friends, lame glasses, and a lame awkward life. He dared to ask a question no one ever thought to ask, “Why don’t people go be super heroes?” It’s not a bad question actually. David even brings up Bruce Wayne. No superpowers, just super stuff. So David decides to hit up a generic online store in his generic MacBook pro and order a scuba- I mean super suit. His first attempt at fighting crime? Well, let’s just say everyone thinks he took it up the butt. No, that is not a figure of speech. His little incident turns everyone towards the belief that David is gay, including the girl of his dreams. David plays the gay card, and I can’t blame him; WHO WOULDNT?!

David gets the guts to go out again. Thanks to our technologically filled generation, David’s superhero antics are caught on camera, and everyone LOVES him. An overnight sensation to say the least. This just happened to be at the same time a drug dealer/mafia leader finds out a superhero is killing his men. You can guess where this is going.

The last tidbit I’ll say is that this movie has one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen to date. If you check out the movie you’ll know what I mean.

I’m just glad Nicholas Cage is going to have some money to pay off those loans.

Go see this. NOW.

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