Some films get stuck in development hell for a reason.

Little Big Soldier is Jackie Chan’s lastest Chinese flick… which has been in development hell for the past 20 years. But long gone are the days of Drunken Master and Operation Condor Jackie Chan. Now it’s old, I’mo chill the fuck out Jackie Chan. This is fine, the nigga is old now and has enough brusies to last him four lifetimes.

That’s all not to say he doesn’t do his share of stunts in this movie, he delivers on that. But outside of Chan comedicly fighting people like he usually does… there is dull, really dull and dry dialog.

The movie is about an old foot soldier and a young high-ranking general from a rival state (with quite a secret) who become the only survivors of a ruthless battle. The soldier decides to kidnap the general and brings him back to his own state in hopes for a reward in return. And of course on the way, they run into bandits and have to do the whole buddy movie thing. Nothing new here.

Again, when there was fighting. It was good.

I hear people whining about the ending. Shut up, the ending was just fine. Very dramatic. But Chan’s just not what he used to be. But then again, the script didn’t really do him much justice. Well, you live and your learn Mr. Chan. Time for move on.


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