Yay! J-Lo is back! /sarcasm

It’s been many years since Gigli… I know. It hasn’t been long enough. But J-Lo is back and with some guy that looks like Ben Affleck and sounds like Robert Downey Jr, I kid you not.

Okay, it’s 4AM… what do I do? I finally get the guts to bust open my screener of The Back Up Plan… got some oatmeal and fired it up.

Oh the horror.

The cliché police must have been raiding a Nicolas Cage movie, because of the sheer number of clichés that were just laying around for people to trip over.

Such as, the item in the beginning of the movie to be used as a lame plot device later. The dinner scene where everything just goes to hell… but it’s okay since they’re laughing. The woman overreacting and driving the man out of the house. Feeling bad and moping for overreacting… and room for a fucking sequel. J-Lo can’t act worth a shit. Who keeps lying to her? That’s just mean.

The best part of the movie was Anthony Anderson… that’s just fucking sad.

You might be saying right now that I know nothing about romantic comedies… that I’ll get in tomorrow morning article.

Shit sucks. Go read a book or masterbate. I gotta go watch a good movie now.


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