Those young whippersnappers with their pants on the ground…

Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground. With that gold in yo mouth, hat turned sideways.

Anyway, if the Gen. Larry Pratt, Epic Beard Guy, and Betty White haven’t told you it alread… do not fuck with old people. They are motherfuckers and they will lay down the hurt. Add Michael Caine to the “badass geezer” list.

Harry Brown, a widowed Northern Ireland veteran living in an apartment complex that is rapidly descending into little nigglet crime. Harry takes up violent methods to curb crime after his only friend is murdered. Alfred’s taking up arms. Fuck yeah. Fight the power.

And that’s really all you can say about the movie. There is the obligatory female character, but she fits in quite well. Harry Brown is a former Marine, we don’t go too far into his past like I would like… but I guess they’re leaving room for a retarded ass prequel or something.

It’s always fun to watch nigglets get what they deserve. Michael Caine is proving once again, you don’t fuck with old people. This film will make you want to take up arms against the morons who keyed your car last week.


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