Iron Man 2: The Dragonball Z of comic book movies

Marvel has been doing a bang up job with their movies as of late. The Spider Mans to your Iron Man’s (Punisher War Zone never happened)

But with the recent acquisition of Marvel by the evil mickey mouse corporation had me worried. Will they got for quantity over quality (I’m looking at YOU Fox.)  Or will they take their time and get it right like they did with Iron Man and Hulk.

I came into Iron Man 2 excepting the same, snarky flare I got from the first and loved.

Jesus was I wrong.

I movie starts off fine with Mr. Stark being… himself and refusing to share his toys. This part of the movie was good. Then we were introduced to the movie’s villian… Oh wait a second… this movie HAS NO CENTRAL VILLAIN.


The trailer shows a lot of whiplash… but he gets his ass kicked in like… a minute. He spends the rest of the time working a lab arguing on and off.

Meanwhile, Tony self destructs his life.

And that’s basically Iron Man 2.


I did like all the Avengers jokes that were in there (lol Cap’s shield) But everything that was done in the movie felt like it was followed by a “wink, hint hint… Avengers reference”. As if it’s all just gonna come together in later movies. This is fine. But when you’re spending the whole movie building up to things, there’s a chance nothing’s gonna get done. That’s the horror that’s fallen upon this one. Great action and snarky dialog has been replaced with the hint hint shit and random crosstalk.

Though it’s not completely awful, it is rather disappointing. And with the slew of comic book movies leaking from Disney’s rectum in the next couple of years, this one is going to be a gem. Which is awfully sad. But that said, the fun stuff in here is really… fun. Give it a see if there’s nothing better playing around you.


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