Day: May 9, 2010

Super Fighting Robot

Ah yes, video games into movies. This is a recipe for success… where could you possibly go wrong.

These are words that had to have been spoken by James Yukich… the director of that abysmal Double Dragon movie.

Let’s face it. Hollywood will never give gamers the fan service they deserve in film of film. But that’s why we have indie filmmakers like one Eddie Lebron.

He’s just brought us the greatest video game movie ever made. Despite it’s freakishly low budget and sometimes hammy acting, it does with it’s supposed to do. Add on to the expensive you had in-game. The robot masters are there, including my favorite, GUTSMAN.
The story chronicles the first Mega Man game, from Dr. Wily’s fallout to the introduction of Protoman (who didn’t show up until Mega Man 4, but whatever)

Like I said earlier, the special effects are present… but sometimes quite laughable. But you have to remember this isn’t a big Hollywood production. Just a fan doing some awesome shit.

Hopefully this is a beginning to some totally badass things. It clocks in at 90 minutes which seems a little long, but it’s worth every minute. Fire up your browser and watch this shit. Now.

And oh yeah…