Month: July 2010


From the picture above right, you should already be able to come to the conclusion that Inception is no ordinary movie. No, this movie is insanity. It’s not even insanity, it’s just the craziest movie I’ve ever seen and I mean that in the best way possible.

Inception is one of those movies where I want you to stop reading this review right now. This is most definitely a movie I’m glad I walked into knowing nothing about it other than the fact that my home boy Leo was in it. Seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the screen along with Ellen Page was a very nice surprise. The cast worked very well together and it was a very believable group of people.

Don’t try and figure this movie out as you’re watching. You’re wasting your time. Christopher Nolan apparently took ten years to write this movie. He didn’t spend ten years for you to even begin to understand it less than half an hour in. Dreams are something none of us really know much about. We know very few truths about them and Nolan really uses those truths to make this a believable story based on three main points addressed throughout the movie.

#1. We dream faster than time in reality. I think the “forumla” used in the movie was five minutes in the real world gave you an hour in dream time? Someone care to elaborate on that? They used is this throughout the movie to their advantage.

#2. You never remember the start of a dream. Nolan never let this one slip throughout the movie and I applaud him for it. All of the dreams start right in the middle of something. It’s never as if they are just dropped in and start going, they are already going.

#3. Waking up. They address many different ways to wake up. By dying in a dream, you simply wake up. That fact becomes a problem later in the movie but I’ll keep hush hush about that. Falling can also wake you up, and they play all of the methods throughout.

This is a very very very very very very very intelligent movie. It’s mind boggling and you will WANT to keep watching. The 148 minute run time goes by quickly and you will enjoy every second of it.

If you skip out on this you’re a moron.