Yes, that is a ghost… and it’s galloping. I think.

I really haven’t talked about games much since I started the blog. Well now’s as good a time as ever. I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois Da Brook (Suburb of Chicago) over the weekend.

I must say, I haven’t had such a gaming experience since I went to Tokyo Game Action up in Mass-a-chu-shits Massachusetts when it was still up and running.

I could go up and down all day talking about the cavalcade of gaming that’s here… but I’ll just link you to the list instead. As you can see, there’s a lot to like. For me…

MOTHERFUCKING ROADBLASTERS. Yes, I always say it like that. Don’t judge.

You could just hear my squeals of delight as I started the first level… yeah, I got some strange looks after I did this… but who the hell cares? I’m shooting cars on a neverending road.

This moment in history deserves a song.

Now, a lot of the games aren’t quite up and running yet. But that’s okay, I’d rather them down than up and not quite working as they should… and damn there are a whole lot of games in there.

And with there being so many games… it’s like a damn oven in there. Do I care? Let me use a quote from Saturday I used towards mother nature.

“Fuck You Heat… I’m playing Roadblasters.  I die… I’ll die playing Roadblasters. I don’t give a fuck.”

Yeah, it’ll be nice when winter comes, it’ll be just right in there.

As for the buttons. You’ll find your old school concave buttons. Team concave for life. I know there’s gonna be a lot of bitch ass niggas spoiled folk asking for sanwas and shit and try to tell them to build whole new damn control desks… I don’t wish the building of new control decks on anyone, ever. Until necessary of course. But the fighting game buttons and sticks were THE BEST I HAVE EVER PLAYED ON, BAR NONE.

Staff is cool, they have console gaming rooms, a rigged up Super Street Fighter 4… and the owner Doc Mack (Shoutouts!) is even making a game back there. But check out the site because if I talked about it, I would fuck it all up.

What do I ask for? Some bemani. Maybe a Pump it Up or a Pop’N Music /wishful thinking. But I’m just glad that they have what they have right now. I was in heaven that weekend.

But yeah, Galloping Ghost is the best arcade I’ve been to in a long fucking time. I wish the best to Doc and the rest of the staff, and I hope I can go there a few more times before I move to North Carolina (raise up).

This place deserves your money. Go give them some money. Arcades themselves are hard to come by… but one with a team like they got and the things they’re doing I’ve never bore witness to.

Rock on.

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