The Art of Trolling Part 2: Advanced Trolling

So you’ve read the article on basic trolling. Good for you. You’re very cool. But your journey is far from complete. You must now learn how to troll when the inital trolling is over. This is only for those who want to mentally break down some nerdy faggot over the interwebs because of some petty argument.

But that’s just silly isn’t it? Not really. Some folks just need to be trolled. It’s their reason for existing.

Truly Gangsta

The State of the Fighting Game Community

This kind sir pictured above also had the nerve to because extremely angry and send me a very friendly death threat. But I’m not mad, this is all a part of Advanced Trolling. Like last time. There are 3 easy steps to doing it right.

1. Social Networking

Though sites like Facebook and Myspace have made stalking totally boring, it’s the golden age for trolling. You can talk shit about anybody while not being within arms reach to strangle your dumb ass.

No matter where the trolling started (Interwebs or IRL) nothing really gets the flames of war going quite like sending a private message.

lol spellingThis requires no explaination. But I will anyway.

Whenever you write and angry and threatening message… be sure to make it look like you wrote it in a state of complete rage. That might scare them. Make sure your grammar sucks shit and take advantage of cruise control CAPS LOCK. Be sure to threaten their entire family and mention names, even if you don’t know that person’s family.

After you do this. Be a punk bitch and block them. You punkass bitch.

2. Never talk to that person again directly, even it you didn’t in the first damn place.

That’s correct. Talk all the shit you want after you “Put that nigger in his place.” Even though you really had no communitcation with the individual, you proclaim ultimate victory.

Just look at the pros.

They see me trollin

Hell yeah!

If and when said person tries to talk to you or fight you… just pretend you don’t even know what they’re talking about. YOU WIN.

3. Knock on that nigga’s door.

If you’re still a bitch ass nigga and pissed about something that’s really not serious. Troll this nigga IRL.

That’s right. Just walk right up to that front door. Ring the doorbell and say, “SUP NIGGER”. They may or may not shoot you/call the police/gangrape you. But you got internet cred for standing up for whatever stupid shit you said. It’s all worth it. Just look at OJ Simpson. He turned out okay.

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