10 Movies That Influence My Writing, and My Life

It’s been really slow on the movies front lately. It’s like everyone is deciding to empty their port-a-johns at once… So I think it’s time for a writing update!

We all have our influences. There’s books, video games of course for me. Yay! I’m a nerd!
But most of all it’s from the movies I watch. Those of you who know, I don’t exactly write anything mainstream. When I broke down the movies that inspire me the most, it was all clear to me.

10. Doubt

Philip Seymor Hoffman was  just born to play a pedo. But more importantly, the scenes in the last hour… the fiery exchanges between him and Meryl Streep are not to be missed. I was even feeling a bit uneasy and awkward when all was said and done and that says something. The film also maintains a dark, mellow tone. Essential for a fucked up story such as this.


9. Singin’ in the Rain
Morning breathWhat’s American cinema at it’s finest and most polished? I’d have to say it’s this. Gene Kelly was truly the master of all things dance. He really reminds me of Jackie Chan. In that he uses all kinds of shit around him just to make what he does better. If you haven’t seen this. Just stop reading and go watch it. I’ll wait.

Moses Supposes…

Now that you’ve seen Singin’ in the Rain, you can see that it’s a movie of one show stopping song after another. The closest thing we have to it now adays is Chicago… Nine never happened. So shut up. Hopefully a musical is in my future.

8. In The Loop

Fuck offAnother thing I love is government commentary. From being in the military, even for such a short time… I can tell you that it’s all disorganized and unprofessional. In The Loop shows us just that, in… in a very foul mouthed way. I felt like I was transported back to the air force.  Some of the best one on one dialog I’ve seen in a long time. I hope to emulate it, even just a bit.

Now fuck off.

7. Idiocracy

Staying in the “it’s so true” realm, is Idiocracy. Luke Wilson gets launched into a future where everyone is dumb as a rock. It’s like he’s living in my world right now… Anyway, again, the dialog is outstanding. Luke Wilson is just an average guy asking average questions, yet he’s smarter than everyone else. Mike Judge creates a very believable but very fucked up world. Again, something I hope to accomplish.

6. The Killer Inside Me

Shoryuken!Part of the writing experience is to wrote so well, you feel the character’s emotions. The Killer Inside me is nothing but raw emotion. I don’t approve of violence towards women, but in this case, it’s pretty damn stunning. With every blow to Jessica Alba’s face your heart sinks lower and lower and lower. Is it gratuitous? Yes. But that’s the point. It’s similar to Saw’s shock value… but much much more real. This is not a movie women will like…  AT ALL. But if you want to know how to write a brutal sex/murder scene, this is the source of that knowledge.

5. Nasty Old People

It’s no secret I’m into indie films. But let’s face the facts. Studio films have taken a huge downturn in the last decade. Same goes for directors and actors. It’s all about making money and not making something you can be totally proud of. Nasty is a prime example on what cool things can be done on a small budget. A talented cast backs up some pretty badass camera work and some cool animation. You don’t need money to make a film, you need heart. And this film has that… and tomatoes being launched out of a window. Sweden’s been churning out good stuff lately

4. Death Becomes Her

Once upon a time Robert Ziminkus actually made GOOD movies like Roger Rabbit and Back to the Future. Death Becomes Her is his most underrated masterpiece (Though it did walk away with an Oscar for Best Visial Effects) it spawned my love for the dark comedy. Everything is hilarious but has a really sad undertone. It keeps up smiling but never really laughing out loud. It’s a feeling I’m still working on how to capture. Nurse Jackie and other shows wouldn’t exsist without this movie and it’s tone.

“You pushed me down the stairs.”

3. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

I talked about Scott Pilgrim at length before so I’m not gonna do that now. But I can say this movie does everything I want to do as a filmmaker. Huge visuals, a wild story…but NOT DUMB. A mixture of all genres that ends up like a really really really nice smoothie.



2. Natural Born Killers

On of my dreams is to do a movie with Mr. Tarantino. Though he didn’t direct this one, he did write the script and let’s just say it’s very him. I admire him not being a pussy and shit by using racial slurs whenever the hell he seems like it fits. Just like we all do in real life. Not in one spot during this movie did it not just leave your jaw hanging. He knows how to many a totally redonkulus yet believable story. Again. Something I want to achieve.

1. Blind Date

I am a lover of dialog. It’s the most important part of any movie. Without it, you have a dumb action movie. And I pretty much hate raw action movies… but that’s another article. Blind Date pretty much slipped by everyone. More then anything, it’s a series of short films with the same two people pretending to be people they’re not. You get to see the different ranges of the actors and it’s just beautiful. Beautiful and crazy (see: bumper car scene) All leading to a heart wrenching climax when the game can’t be played anymore.

So here’s to me… hopefully I have luck with this writing thing.


  1. These are some very atypical movies for a list like this. I disagree with you about Singing in the Rain, but that’s because I’m not really a musical fan. But good luck with the writing!

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