Fuck the Internet

Don’t get me wrong, Youtube is one of the greatest things… well, ever. Millions upon millions of videos for you to enjoy at your leisure for free.

Derrekcomedy is one of those youtube-ish websites with a lot of funny ass shorts on it. But do those funny ass shorts have the ability to be a funny as full length movie.

As it turns out, that’s a big fat no.

Writers and stars, Donald Glover, DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes portary a very convincing trio of man-children in their senior year, doing what they’ve been doing most of their lives… do lame dectrective shit straight out of Encyclopedia Brown. But now that high school is ending for them, it’s time to be taken seriously. After a neihbor is murdered, they take the case… and failure insues.

This movie has a lot of gem moments in it. Such as the whole strip club sequence… and the foul mouthed little kid. Laughter in short bursts is what Derrickcomedy does best and has for quite a while now. However… there were LONG lapses where I just didn’t laugh. There was nothing much going on. It’s like they just thought of ideas for shorts and decided to lamely conect them with a series of walking shots. This just dosen’t work for a comedy.

When it works it works. But that’s not often enough. I see a bright future for these guys. But not now.


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