Slow and Steady, Steady and Slow. That’s how a Good Film is Made

I haden’t heard of Cairo Time until a couple of months ago thanks to the buttload of time it takes for some indies to make their way to the states. But thanksfully it’s now out in limited release and more people will be able to see how a good drama is done.

No extreme circumstances, no witty one liners (not really anyway) just true, deep heart to heart acting highlights what would normally be a lame romantic subplot in most movies. A story of repressed romance, which you don’t see very often anymore.

Juliette (Patricia Clarkson) is a Canadian magazine editor who arrives in Cairo for a vacation with her long-time husband (Tom McCamus), a UN official working in Gaza. Delayed, he asks his friend Tareq to keep her company. He shows her about the beauty of Cairo and a deep seeded romance is born.

If Patricia Clarkson isn’t enough for you to give it a look, then you gotta check out the cinematography. Cairo looks great on film. I mean REALLY beautiful.


They don’t make movies like this anymore. The only problem I see is that it could have been a little longer. The beautiful cinematography and masterful acting of Patricia Clarkson will enslave you like a Jew… in Egypt.


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