Never Thought I’d Say This… Jim Carrey for Oscar

Most people are unsure of what they’re getting into when they start “I Love You Philip Morris”. He seems like a normal guy with a normal job, and a sweet christian wife… but then he’s fucking some dude and that’s where the movie spirals into insanity.

Strangely enough, it’s based on a true story. Yes. For real.

It’s based on  events of con artist, impostor, and multiple prison escapee Steven J. Russel.

After being in a bad car crash he realises that he can’t live a lie anymore. He comes out to his wife and moves to Miami and lives the gay man’s dream… problem is, being gay is fucking expensive… so he got everything he wanted by being one of the greatest con artists the modern world has ever seen. But like most con artists, they get caught. But not Steven, he knew how to escape. But not before meeting a man named Phillip Morris. They fell madly in love with one another, and when he got out… busted Philip out as well.

He impersonated  judges, bounty hunters, doctors, lawyers and becoming the CFO of a major corporation that shall remain nameless. All through lies. Really really good lies. All of which Phillip believes with all his heart. But then the truth comes out and everything gets even more insane.

This is by far the best male performance I’ve seen since Blind Date last year. Bar none. Carrey steps away from his usual crazy guy routine and creates a realistic, lovestruck shadow of a man. And he’s complemented by Ewan McGregor who I’m sure will get a nomination of his own.

All of the USA will be exposed to this marvelous acting show December 3rd for various reasons I won’t get into. But if you can find a local arthouse cinema, they might already have a copy. Do whatever you can, just come see Jim Carrey in his finest hour.

Really fucking high A+

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