Day: September 11, 2010

It’s 9/11. Stop Being a Bitch America

As far as nation changing disasters go, we in the United States have been pretty damn lucky. No hybrid diseases, no civil wars (recently). And everyone for the most part deals with each other by going

I Blame Slippy.

behind each others backs. American society as it’s very fucking best. America, fuck yeah.

Then 9/11 came around and everyone came to the realization I had for years. “Guess what? This isn’t a utopia.” But I guess that memo didn’t spread fast enough and then the bad stuff happened. The next few days were a tad surreal, does everyone remember how nice everyone was to each other? Even total strangers. Looking back right now, I’m personally glad this happened. Don’t get me wrong, killing people who aren’t zombies or Nazis isn’t cool (you can’t kill enough Nazis. Better this than oh say, a natural disaster or mass murder. Anything to bring America out of the clouds, down to earth, and really get some things cooking to help people. Not just themselves.

Then far years and years people began to play on the emotions of weak motherfuckers who feel the need to whine and cry every year at around this time. You see movies, and flags going up for sale around this time of year. It makes me sick that people decide to take such a sensitive thing and flip it for profit so quickly. It’s even more sickening that people buy into that shit year after year.

We lost that day.  Pure and simple. Americans learned they can’t always get what they want and win every single time.

Guess what America, you’re not better than everybody else if not worse. Far worse.

Bottom line, 9/11 is a day for people who lost friends and family, to gather and remember them as they were. Not about the event that took their lives. And if you’re a person who didn’t lose anyone yet continues to make a big deal about it and fucking cry, stop it right now. It’s not empathy. You’re just playing into the hype of the day. If it’s really that fucking important, MAKE IT A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. Am I right? So if you’re going to see something like one of those dumb 9/11 movies today or something. Stop yourself and do a little personal reflection. If you really lost somebody, you’d best remember the person. Not the event.

If you need this day to be patriotic and shit… you’re really not patriotic. A good American would be patriotic by paying attention to politics (not that tea party shit, that’s just hilarious) and going out and voting for the good of all.

That’s all for me and 9/11. I might write another article next year… but really, I don’t think I have to now.  It’s been 9 years. Let’s move the fuck on. The future awaits. 9/11 is just another day to make things better for everyone, don’t backtrack.

Some will be burning candles or watching movies or  adumb documentary that shall go nameless. I’m gonna get my write on and be happy I’m alive this day. Some weren’t so lucky. Appreciate that shit.

I’d be glad to debate this one with ya’ll.

Sorry, couldn't resist.