Day: September 13, 2010

Famicom Does Last Forever

Megaran and K-Murdock are back for a third chapter.

And I must say, it’s just as good as the other two. A little heavy on the explosions in the begining, but that’s okay. There’s a lot going on and I don’t even think most people will notice.

I approve. Take a look.

What Time Is It? It’s Site Update Time!

Well, it’s that time again. Time to make some earth shattering changes to the site… okay, maybe they ain’t so earth shattering. But they’re still pretty damn cool.

1. You’ll notice the “about wolfen” button is gone. It’s not an “About Authors” button. If you have written something on this site, you can go and edit that whole page out. Or I will and make it hilarious, but you don’t wan that.

2. Podcast button. This will be useful when we get that RSS feed up and running like it should have actually HAVE podcasts to give to you. There will be an iTunes feed as well. I’ll keep you up to date on that.

3. Wolfen Films button. This is where you can watch EVERY episode of Chronicles of Failure, uncut. Isn’t that fun? Also included there will be any projects I decide to work on in the future. Keep an eye out for new stuff.

4. Fuck Republicans. That’s all. Enjoy your days.

The Truth.