Day: September 16, 2010

The Hero’s Journey: Explaining Life Through Film

An easy way to look at life is the hero’s journey. We all have a goal, and when you’re going to it, it’s never gonna go as smoothly as you think it should.

Are you fucking serious? Fuck.

1. We All Have Challenges…

It just wouldn’t be a true journey without challenges. Whether it’s facing down haters or just stopping your own damn self from epicly failing at life, we need to look at it as a way to improve ourself. Not to mention you’ll feel pretty damn awesome when it’s done and done.

2. The Hero isn’t always the good guy.


There are times when you just gotta get shit done. Even if it’s not exactly nice and even if you gotta hurt some people. Again, that’s life. You can’t always be the good guy. There are haters and shit who wanna bring you down. I’m not saying you have to stoop to their level… but you just have to let them know who’s in control.

Take Damages and Frozen River pictured above. In each, the characters do whatever the fuck has to be done to progress, wheter it’s some illegal behind the scenes litagation or craming people into a 1992 Dodge Shadow. It’s not legal, it’s not nice, but in the end… you progress. Sometimes you just have no choice in the matter.

3. Struggles

Also just a part of the game. It’s what makes things interesting. Shit just happens… like falling out of the sky with a giant dildo. There’s just not much you can do. Just sit down. Stomach that shit and brace for impact. They really aren’t so bad, long as they don’t kill you. Then that would end your journey and you gotta start back at step one.

4. Allies

Along your way you’re going to meet up with other motherfuckers who will assist you on your way, kinda like an RPG. They’ll stick with you through all the shit, even if it drags them down as well. These people are hard to come by and when the time is right, replay them for every drop of blood and every tear.

One of the best allies EVER, Hugo Stiglitz. When I think of needing some backup, that’s the motherfucker I want.

5. Victory

We Don't Pump Our Gas, We Pump Our Fists

Once you’re done with all the bullshit, you can finally relax and have yourself a decent time. I suggest a book and beach chair… maybe red wine and a¬†baguette. When you get here, you’ll be a much better person inside and out. There’s no feeling quite like weathering the elements and finally being able to relax.

I wish part 5 for everyone.

Maybe I’ll share my hero’s journey with you all one day. I just need to let it finish.

Life is far from far. Sometimes you just have to cheat a little as well.