Day: September 26, 2010

Cool Story Bro: Bitch Nigga to release movie about Obama’s “fraud and ineligibility”

Hey, finally… a political type post! And oh my shit is it a good one.

Apparently, Obama hasn’t shown people his birth certificate… so he’s not american and he should be impeached and he’s a liar and has totally ruined this country and dropped our cupcakes on the ground.

Yeah, that sounds really fucking retarded to read. But it’s the concept of a new movie called Fraud.

It’s directed by Brent Bateman

This Nigga

He’s a fellow Illinois man (represent) and a former news reporter who spent a couple of years traveling around our great country interviewing folks and unraveling the vast left wing conspiracy known as the Obama administration. And we share a hatred for Oprah. I want to high five him for that.

I can’t make a full judgement on this yet (I want to see it pretty bad). But it’s looking like he thinks he’s the anti-Michael Moore with a totally one sided documentary that tries to make some sort moot point.

Oh yeah Obama’s mother was white… His name stems from his father’s side.

He was born in Hawaii, which makes him a citizen.

Even if he WAS NOT…

A child is automatically granted citizenship in the following cases:

  1. Both parents were U.S. citizens at the time of the child’s birth
  2. At least one parent lived in the United States prior to the child’s birth.

INA 301(c) and INA 301(a)(3) state, “and one of whom has had a residence.” The FAM (Foreign Affairs Manual) states “no amount of time specified.”

A person’s record of birth abroad, if registered with a U.S. consulate or embassy, is proof of citizenship. They may also apply for a passport or a Certificate of Citizenship to have their citizenship recognized.

So yeah. I kinda debunked the whole a lot of the movie didn’t I? Shoutout to about 60 seconds and Google.

He is without a doubt trying to bring in all those teaparty motherfuckers who believe if you say something enough it will become true. I wish they’d understand that it’s okay to be angry. But there are other ways to deal with it. This is not how the founding fathers would handle their shit.

But I’ll keep the rest of my opinions for when I actually see it.

I invited him to do the podcast… big props to him if he accepts my invitation. I’d love to debate him on some issues.

Check out his site and leave some comments here. Or send him some hate mail, I’m sure he gets plenty of it.

Check out a nice, long article here.

I’m going to close that short article the only way I know how.