Hey, You remember my film “The Creative Process”? I Didn’t Either.

Okay after a lot of soul searching and funding scratching, I decided to change everything up. It’s not longer just a movie. It’s not going to be a series of shorts. How many? dunno yet. Let’s just see where the wind takes us.

The new model you ask? Well it’s gonna work this way.

I will post the script for the next episode on the facebook page.

From there people can comment and suggest what exactly they want to see and what genres I should tackle. The script will also be up for anyone to read and comment on or whatever. Being a noob, I could use whatever help and guidance I get get. It’s a long road ahead to getting this stuff done.

The series is going to go like this…

4 amateur and slightly incompetent filmmakers want to… well, make film. But lacking the money to do anything in particular, they try to no-budget approach to all genres. This process sorta works… sorta. But leads to a lot of lot problems in the development.

These films will be no longer than half an hour each, so I think there’s a lot that can be done. Let’s see how it pans out from here on. Remember…


Go go go.

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