The Social Network IS NOT GOOD. If You Think So, You’re Just As Dumb As Mark’s Friends.

This is the perfect way to describe the shit I saw this morning.

I’ve been hearing for weeks about the strength of script. I heard it being compared to the likes of Citzen Kane and Fight Club.

This of course got me really excited. Being a lover of a strong script first… and everything else second.

Upon the rolling of the credits… it was all a lie.

Aaron Sorkin’s script was witty, smart… and just plain well done. Don’t get me wrong. But the film, like the book it’s made off of seems VERY one sided and mean spirited… like a Michael Moore movie. Everyone is so shalow and one dimensional. But I don’t know if that’s the acting or the writing doing that? Maybe a little of both? Too many characters and not enough good dialogue to go around.

As far as direction goes. I loved almost every shot. Dave Fincher did the best with what he had. Too bad it wasn’t much.

This continues to show how bad a year 2010 has been for Hollywood that this is the best people flock to. Enough sequels and Dreamworks is making more enjoyable animated films than Pixar lately, I’m sorry.

I’m gonna cut it short today… *sigh* I just don’t like totally one sided movies. It just seems snarky and petty.

But then again… a lot of the people who saw this movie also play “Farmvile” and “Mafia Wars”… so I wouldn’t expect anyone with an actual IQ to actually love this movie to death. When Oscar season fires into high gear next month, you’ll see some movies really worth your time.


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