The State of the Chicago Fighting Game Community

Is bad.

This is coming from a guy who’s been in and out of the community for over a decade.

I’ve seen a lot of games come and go, I’ve seen a lot of players come and go. Why don’t we seem to have a place to go and just… BE for more than two or three months at a time. I’ll show you why…

Once upon a moon, everyone went to Nickel City to play fighters (least when I started) it was good times to say the least. But then, you all stopped going. Why? Because they wouldn’t buy the games you wanted or the sticks you liked. You all bitched the moaned and complained until management just told you to fuck yourselves.

But that’s really no biggie, Nickels wasn’t exactly Mecca, but it was what we had. Maybe a lot of it was on Nickels as well. Either way, shit got fucked.

After Nickels, I pretty much dropped out of the scene. A tournament here or there. Maybe a gathering every now and again. I was all about DDR at the time and that just eats up time… not to mention I was with a bunch of people I still call my friends to this day.

I really got back into fighters when Street Fighter 4 came out. And much to my delight, a SF4 arcade machine pops up at Gameworks of all places, AND a fuckin KOF 12. GET THE FUCK OUT!

You guys kept that place packed for weeks. Until Super was announced, then that place basically died (fighting game wise) as well. But this time, we can agree. I’ll put it in bold GAMEWORKS MANAGEMENT IS RETARDED for real. But how can you honestly expect them to shell out money for a game that you all will be bored with in a matter of weeks. Shit’s not cost effective.

Now, you guys have Galloping Ghost. The most impressive arcade I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It attracts all kinds of gamers. Fuck, even WHOLE FAMILIES. I’ve never seen anything like it. And you basically have every major fighting game known to man in one place. I would just be glad about that in the first place. But of course you’re not. You want your fuckin Sanwa buttons and all that jazz because your Madcatz sticks have made you all a bunch of pussies. Yeah they’re nice, but not nearly as durable. You gotta remember, it’s there for fun and games… but at the end of the day, it’s a business. To just dump the place because they don’t have the buttons you like or the screen on Super 4 is a little laggy (which it is, they’ve made it better though) is just dumb. Anyone who goes to Galloping Ghost JUST to play Super 4 needs to be on a short bus. And fifteen bucks for all day fun, that’s less then I spent for a couple of hours in an arcade… or like an hour at Gameworks. Not to mention the 100 odd games… many of which I haven’t played. I usually just find myself not playing any fighting games at all.

I’m 100% sure the staff at Galloping Ghost would LOVE to work with you guys on some sort of fighting events or something. But you know, they read the internet too… they’re not your typical arcade owners and staff by a fucking longshot. They care about the quality of the experience and all that good stuff. They aren’t awful people because they won’t take your spiked dildo of redonkulus demands. They’re smarter than Nickels was. It’s not financially wise.

I may be a little harsh but I’m just speaking the truth. Not that I don’t talk to or enjoy the company of anyone in the community, it’s just when you’re all together, you’re a big ol’ cloud of stupid sometimes always. I don’t think I’m gonna get invited to events anymore, but hey, price of keeping real.

The Chicago fighting game scene has zero class. You all say the same about Smash Bros. Community… well, at least they get shit done. Chicago needs to step it up and grow a pair.

Go to Galloping Ghost and just enjoy the hell out of yourself… when you stop taking games seriously, you actually start enjoying yourself. Because people seem to go there and do that. Your presense would be nice, but they don’t NEED you. You can keep making places like Area XIII that tank because the community is full of… well pussasses who won’t even pay you five bucks. But to be honest, I wouldn’t pay five bucks to hang out in my buddy’s garage either (Though that is a good idea Shane).

Peach out Bitch.


  1. I’m not charging people five bucks to hang out in my garage unless it’s a community pool to order some fucking pizza for everyone.

    1. And you sir are the reason places we did have shut down, man up and pay fees, fucking cheap piece of shit.

      1. I never went more than once. I just wasn’t impressed. I don’t have to pay money just to hang with my buddies and play console games in a garage.
        I do that already for free. Just bring food or something and you got yourself a good time.

        Thank you for proving my point SIR. Have fun in your dirty garages. Play nice with the other boys.

  2. I’m lolin so hard. Someone is seriously butthurt about losing his precious little spot. Shane’s got what you want and you can’t have it and now you are Bloo bluh bloo bloo about it.


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