Yeoh Dawg, I heard you like Martial Arts Films

Welcome the fuck back Michelle Yeoh. It’s been a while since we’ve seen your prowess on-screen (The Mummy 3 doesn’t count.. It never happened.) Last time was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon… that’s a huge bar to hurdle. And unfortunately, it doesn’t quite compare to the epicness that was Ang Lee’s masterpiece. But it’s not fair to compare the two.

Su Chao-Pin (Silk) directed and the great John Woo co-directed… even though this movie reeks of purely John Woo’s cinematic flare. But this is a good thing. The story focuses on Drizzle (Da Driz). A well trained assassin. When she wants a normal life, she gets some old school plastic surgery and ends up selling fabrics and shit.


But along comes Ah-Sheng. The man she eventually marries. He’s got a few secrets of his own.


When The Dark Stone gang comes looking for their former member Drizzle, all hell breaks loose. Think of this movie as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in China… with swords.

The movie, even in its slower moments is a treat. The actors look pretty comfortable working with each other, and there’s plenty of those awkward/hilarious moments you expect from martial arts films. But it’s really all about the swordplay.

I dunno what it is about swords and the dark. But I think EVERY sword fighting scene was at night. And no one ever hears the commotion outside their doors. That’s not a complaint, just an observation.

I’ve been treated to 3 VERY good martial arts movies this year(IP Man 1 and 2). In a world these days when the universe is full of shitty sequels, you can always find a gem. I’m glad I took the time. Rock on Michelle Yeoh, you still look good. Keep kicking ass.



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