Philosophy Mondays: What We All Want.

Examine this.

This scene encompasses our ideals, not only as Americans, but just as human beings in general.

We’re raised to believe that we want certain things. A nice house, nice car, a steady six figure job, and a big titted/big dicked partner (I don’t judge). As we grow up, we realize how far out of reach those things can honestly be. The economy sucks and let’s just face it, romance is dead. So we just have to freestyle our way into things. But we’re still unsure about what we TRULY want.

If I’ve learned anything from growing up, it’s even if you live in a $800k house (which I did), have a father that makes 7 figures (which I did) and has been married for 30 odd years (Closing in on 40), it doesn’t make you any bigger a person or any less of a fucking scumbag. It’s all about the heart.

But with all that said, it’s not that we don’t want to be successful. We should all want the best for ourselves, but shouldn’t step all over other people to get it. We should be working towards improving ourselves.

Ask yourself: How can I improve this world before I leave it?

Make every day count, don’t know how many you got.

This entry may seem all over the place, but it’s got a central theme. Do what’s right.

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