Philospohy Monday (On a Wednesday): Fame and Fortune. Earning and Achieving.

First off. This is required. Since I said FAME.

Fucking song stuck in my head now… ugghhh.

Anyway, I’ve had numerous discussions lately with people about being rich and famous. Wanting this and

wanting that. Many links on facebook were bombed with dumb comments (you know who you are haha)
The issue was, how is it done? Back in the day (before I was born even) You had to sing, dance, and be decent looking at the same time. This is not an easy feat.
Well, it’s 2010. Things are different. Much different.

Apparently in post 9-11 America, being black and being goofy makes you hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight. It’s a sad reality.
What gets worse is mofos like this are like gnats. I can’t even follow the Gregory Bros. on twitter anymore because they keep re-tweeting his retarded ass tweets.

Killing America. One tweet at a time.

It’s painful considering the folks that MADE his “fame” possible were the Gregory Bros. Who, I must say are talented (As long as they’re doing the news). However, I barely hear them mentioned. I would like to personally thank them for creating such a monster.

-“But What’s Wrong? He Made His Money.”

Yeah, he did. There’s nothing wrong with making money. But it’s the whole “One Trick Pony” thing. Didn’t we learn this on THE SIMPSONS? Anyone who claims the man can sing… or do anything else except recite he dumb catchphrase needs to be put down for the good of humanity… or we could just let Darwin take care of it.

On the other hand, I do also have a tiny issue with money. It clouds our better judgment.

Kurt Sutter put it the best.

At the end of my 80 and 90 hour weeks I start to ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”  Lately, my answers aren’t that convincing.  And when “money” is my only response, it’s time to walk away.

-“He’s a smart guy.”

See picture above.


-“Shut up furfag. You’re just jealous.”

But am I just jealous? A little of yes and a little of no. There’s a part of me, and I know a part of a lot of people that have a right to be a little so. We take pictures, write, direct, act, or whatever we do. We grind and bust our asses every day of our lives and pay our dues. We know it’s gonna pay off one day. But to have someone who’s just a goof to get famous off of… well… not even being  a goof… but a stupid black man, can be frustrating. At the end of the day though, they will be forgotten and people who work hard will be remembered for years to come.


That said, there are a lot of great artists on youtube. I’ve seen them. But again, a lot of those people have paid their dues and worked extremely hard to do some really great stuff. But we live in a really stupid culture these days where we thrive off dumb things.


There are a lot of writers, filmmakers, and photographers I interact with on a daily basis. I’ve seen their work and I have the most respect in the world for those people. I believe they will become successful. Will they be rich as well? I say they will. It’s really the only things we know how to do really well, or else we wouldn’t be busting our asses doing them now would we?

Basically the way I see it, we all have an allotted time on this earth to do something great. For me, it’s filmmaking. I just love it. The very aspect makes my balls feel good (joke). So my days and nights are spent improving that craft. Day in and day out. Not to achieve fortune, but to satisfy my own desire to make something great. I know Youtube can’t do that for me by itself, so I gotta do everything I can… and just be nice. Explore. You don’t know who you might meet. I’ll go into more details with all that later though.


So yeah, fame and fortune are very achievable for anyone now adays, but do you have the talent to make that shit a habit? You gotta earn it.. and when you do get there, don’t stop working. Don’t be a Tyler Perry. Have some integrity.

Next thing you know, 50 Tyson is gonna have an album.

Be right back. I’m gonna get record myself getting kicked in the nuts 100 times and post it on youtube.



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