Day: October 29, 2010

Tron Night: I Have Been Derezed

After a night of dealing with White Castle that I ate, I serious felt I’d been Derezed. Form 1AM to 6AM I couldn’t sleep a damn wink. But this didn’t ruin my entire existence. I was treated along with many others to 23 minutes of Tron Legacy.

If any of you went to Avatar Day last year, you know the drill. The studio shows some footage around the country to get people excited and talking, and give out some free swag. It’s pretty awesome.

After checking in and getting our trendy wristbands, we are then searched for any and all electronic devices (I’m talking airport shit here) Disney means serious business.

After taking our seats, they proceeded to tell is all the awful things that will happen to us if we try to record any footage. They all put on some night vision goggles and dimmed the lights. Yes, they had night vision goggles on. Fuckin Sam Fisher style.

Then the scenes played

My overall reaction. I was floored. It was the quickest 23 minutes of my natural life. I’ve said a lot of bad things about 3D… but here… it’s perfect. With imagery that rivals Avatar’s… in fact. Is an assload better than Avatar’s. That’s right. I said it.

There have been complaints about the acting being stale… well, what do you expect from a bunch of computer programs and one really confused dude? Shakespeare?

Olivia Wilde is beautiful in 3D  and is clearly having a good time doing it. That’s always a good sign.

And I want to leave you with one thing…

Light Jets.